Selecting a CD

In the current economic conditions, most people are trying to maximize the returns on their savings so that the effect of the financial crisis on their lifestyle is reduced. Both the stock markets and real estate markets have given negative returns over the last one year. Bank CDs are a relatively safe investment, since the banks are highly regulated.

The CD rates depend on many factors like the duration of the CD , amount and the bank where the CD is kept. For a shorter duration, a lower interest rate will be offered for the CD, while CDs for a period of two to three years will usually have a higher interest rate. Usually larger banks offer a lower CD rate compared to smaller banks.

To get the best CD rates, it is important to monitor the rates offered by the different banks for different periods of time . You can do conveniently using websites like Select CD rates, which also list the CD rates in major states for the convenience of their visitors. Trends in CD rates are also monitored on a weekly basis.

Online stock trading

Stock trading is one of the most popular methods worldwide for supplementing your income if you have a regular job and is a source of full time employment for many others. For many decades, the returns from stock market investments have consistently outperformed other investments.

With the advent of online trading, anyone with an internet connection can conveniently buy and sell stocks from the comfort of his or her home. This had greatly increased the number of people investing directly in the stock market. There are many brokerages which provide a platform for online trading, but it is important to consider all factor before selecting a particular online broker.

Some online brokers offer only a limited range of products while others like FirstTrade offer a variety of financial products like Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Fixed Incomes. In the current economic conditions, it is also important to consider fees. Unlike other online trading platforms which charge a deposit of up to $1000, First Trade charges a zero setup and account maintenance fee.

Increase your stock market profits

With the advent of online stock trading , the stock market has become one of the most popular methods of making money. However, you can also lose money online , if you do not understand the intricacies of the stock market. BetterTrades helps you profit from the stock market by educating students on the tools available and information needed to become profitable.

Better Trades has a number of instructors who provide the specialized coaching needed to earn money through the stock market. Many of the BetterTrades Coaches have themselves made sufficient money through investing in the stock market to enable them to retire from conventional office jobs. Freddie Rick, the founder of BetterTrades has experimented with the various methods to findĀ  strategies that work for stock market investments.

Students interested in knowing more about BetterTrades to improve their returns from the stock market can sign up at their investment and trading webshops conducted by their experienced instructors. Admission to these online trading classes is free for registered visitors.