Background check

Companies hire people so that they can increase their turnover and profits, but hiring the wrong person can mean loss of output and some times scare away the customers. While hiring decisions are usually taken on basis of interviews, the duration of the interview is usually less than an hour. If the candidate is a good actor, he or she may be able to impress the interviewer or interviewers and get selected.

The past history of a candidate is much harder to fake, especially if her or she has a poor credit record or has been imprisoned. This is why many companies will run a background check on the candidate before making a job offer. A criminal background check is usually mandatory for positions where the employee will handling sensitive information like credit card or bank account information. Companies hiring customer service agents working  as independent contractors will also run a criminal background  check to see if he or she has been convicted by any court.

A criminal check can be obtained online at websites like SentryLink for as little as $19.95. By providing the first and last name of the person, results can be obtained by searching more than 200 million records in less than 60 seconds. Date of birth is required for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) purpose.

Quality business checks at cheap rates

With the current state of the economy, businesses of all sizes are trying to reduce their operating costs. They can order checks online at discounted rates from ChoiceChecks to get high quality checks at low prices. A variety of checks are available as per the specifications of the American Bankers Association and are compatible with laser and inkjet printers.

While ordering a check, information like the business name and address, bank information, routing number, account number and check number should be provided. Other options include printing a monogram or personal signature.A black and white business logo beside the address will be printed free, while a color logo can be printed on payment of an additional fee.

The checks are available in various formats like business checks on top, business checks in the middle and business checks at the bottom for compatibility with the popular check printing software packages like QuickBooks, Quicken, MS Money. A message to the recipient can be printed on the rest of the form. Alternately, a full page of checks can be ordered, each of which contains 3 checks to a page.

The minimum order quantity for business checks from is 250 sheets. Choicechecks is a verified merchant and accepts payment through PayPal. Orders are usually processed within 3-5 days.