Credit repair services

Though most financial institutions consider the credit score to be an indicator of the financial health of the individual, a person can have a bad credit score due to factors beyond his or her control like poor health or incorrect reporting by any of the credit reporting agencies. This can adversely affect the ability of the person to get a credit card or loan.

However, it is now possible to fix credit and improve your credit score by using the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. There are many firms which offer credit repair services. They basically write to the credit reporting agencies and ask them to remove any negative item in a credit report which cannot be supported by adequate proof.

Ovation Credit Repair offers two credit repair programs – Essentials program with a professional case adviser, unlimited disputes to credit bureaus, online dispute strategy management. Additionally, the Essentials plus program includes custom validation letters to creditors and a letter of recommendation.

Credit score and history

Credit history is major factor in many life decisions, and knowing your credit score is important when planning for the future. Visit to receive your free credit score from all three major credit bureaus just for trying our credit monitoring service free for 7 days. Prepare yourself with the info you need to buy or rent a home, get a loan or get a job.

Improve your credit score

There are many instances when an individual’s credit history  may be damaged for no fault of his. The negative report could be due to an illness or accident. At times a clerical error may occur at the credit reporting agency. A person with poor credit finds it difficult to get loans, may have to pay a higher interest rate and could also affect their ability to find a suitable job.

Today credit repair is feasible by referencing the Fair Credit Reporting Act and improving your credit score. The procedures to be followed to repair credit can take time. However, there are several specialized agencies which can improve your credit score for a fee, which is a fraction of the amount you will save in the long term.

The method used to fix credit by credit reporting agencies is to first procure credit reports and for each negative item in the credit report, the credit reporting agency is asked to furnish supporting evidence . If the credit reporting agency cannot provide any supporting evidence, the negative item has to be  removed from the credit history. This results in the improvement of the credit score of the person over a period of time.

How credit repair helps

Often the credit history of an individual may be damaged for no fault of his. It could be due to an unavoidable illness or accident. Some times there may a clerical or data processing error at the credit reporting agency. Not only does the affected person have to pay a higher interest rate, it could also affect his or her chances of getting a job.

However, credit repair is possible using the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to improve your credit score. Though the process is time consuming and cumbersome, there are several specialized agencies which can repair bad credit for a fee, which is nominal compared to amount saved in the long term.

The technique used by credit reporting agencies for fixing bad credit is similar , for each negative item in the credit report, the credit reporting agency is asked to furnish proof. If no supporting evidence is provided by the reporting agency, the negative item is removed, improving the credit score of the individual over a period of time.

Improve your credit score

One of the most widely used measures of the finances of any adult individual is his or her credit score, which can determine the eligibility for loans, interest rate and even jobs.  However, often the credit score is lower than what it should be due to inaccurate reporting or errors. It is possible for an individual to repair credit , but the process is very cumbersome and time consuming.

To alleviate this problem, individuals seeking to improve their credit score can use the credit repair services provided by companies like DSI solutions. The credit repair service will first examine the credit reports at all the major credit report bureaus – Transunion, Experian, Equifax and then work to remove the negative items which lower the credit score.

By removing even a single negative item from the credit report, an individual could save thousands of dollars. To fix credit, a user has to pay a one time setup fee of $19 and the balance in three installments of $89 each. They guarantee results within sixty days, and if there is no improvement, a customer can get his or her money back, with an additional compensation of $50 .

Prepaid debit cards

Carrying large amounts of cash while shopping or traveling is both inconvenient and risky as it can be stolen. While credit cards may be useful, not everyone is eligible for credit cards, as the credit card issuer check the credit record and rating of the customer before issuing a credit card. Many customers using credit cards tend to overspend, and end up using a large part of income to service the debt.

By using a prepaid debit card like Mcashcard, a user can combine the convenience of plastic money with the advantages of using cash. A Mcash card can be purchased online or offline without any credit history either by paying cash, ACH or other convenient payment method. An Mcash card has an initial activation fee of $9.99 and a loading fee depending on the type of card and the method used to load cash. Users can transfer funds to another Mcash card holder free.

There are three types of mcash available which can selected dependence on the budget. These are an impersonal one time use Mcash card with a maximum load of $500, an impersonal re loadable Mcash debit card with a maximum load and balance of $2500 and a personalized re loadable Mcash card with a maximum balance of $10000 and maximum balance of $2500. No documents are required for a one time use card, but social security number and other information is needed for purchasing a re loadable Mcash prepaid Mastercard.

Compare credit cards

Today, credit cards are used for payment of most transactions both online and off line, and by choosing the right credit card, you can save a significant amount. In addition to low interest, balance transfer and instant approval credit cards, there are many credit cards that offer rewards when you make purchases with them. These include gas credit cards, hotel and travel rewards, cash back rewards,airline credit cards. Some credit cards are designed for a specific niche, like business credit cards, student credit cards and credit cards for individuals with a fair,good and excellent credit rating.

If you have a lot of credit card debt, you can significantly reduce the interest you pay by opting for a low interest credit card. Before selecting a particular credit card from the many low interest credit cards available, you should compare them on the basis the Introductory APR offered, the introductory APR period, annual fee and APR after the introductory period is over.

By doing a balance transfer, you can pay a very low interest rate or even zero interest on your credit card debt for an extended period of time and save money. The offers on balance transfer credit cards are usually available for a limited period of time and after the expiry of the period, if you still have an outstanding amount, you can transfer the balance to another credit card. The regular APR for these credit cards often depends on the credit rating of the individual.

Credit and debt in Canada

Since the most of the large search engines are US based, it is difficult for non-US internet users to find country specific information. The financial systems in every country are unique and most users prefer local information as it relevant to their needs. Canadian Money Advisor provides credit & debt Canada information with details about the credit ratings, credit, debt,credit cards available in the country. It also helps members select suitable investments to build multiple passive income streams.

Users can find the latest financial news like the budget which could affect their income and taxes at the credit & debt blog in Canada . It also provides updates on the pre budget survey where Canadians can express their opinion on the various financial issues which affect their life, so that the finance ministry can formulate a suitable budget. Some of the considerations for real estate investment are also provided.

One of the most popular section of the Canadian Money Advisor website is the Canadian credit & debt discussion section. In addition to personal finance issues like investing, life insurance, mutual funds, retirement planning and savings, emergency funds, members of the forum can discuss their personal experience dealing with creditors and credit repair services. Members can choose credit card deals, credit unions, auto loans, mortgage brokers and other loans based on feedback from other users. Debt settlement, collection agencies, bankruptcy, credit bureaus and credit repair are also discussed.

Cash for structured settlements

Though a claimant may be receiving a substantial amount as payment for a structural settlement over a period of time, he or she may be needing money urgently to meet financial emergency like medical treatment, rentals or buying a car. Instead of taking a loan which may be difficult in the current financial conditions, especially if the individual does not have excellent credit, it is advisable to use a service which helps to get cash for structural settlement or other periodic future payments.

A person wishing to sell structural settlement can get offers from multiple companies using the free services of , so he or he can get the highest lump sum payout. There are no legal fees or hidden fees to be paid and multiple options are available.

Similarly, an individual who needs cash quickly can also sell annuity payments for a lump sum. A few or all the annuity payments may be sold to one of the many annuity funding companies based on the offers made.

Unsecured business loans helps entrepreneurs get unsecured business loans with providing any collateral or documents for amounts upto $200,000. No tax returns, business plans or UCC filings are required. If you have a high credit score of over 700, the lenders may not need any documentation even for loans for amounts more than $200,000. Applying for a business loan is simple, the borrower has to fill a form providing personal and business details and confirm that he or she meets the specified credit criteria