Balance transfer for credit cards

If you are planning to get a credit card for the first time or get a new credit card, you should check out to find the best deals . The credit cards are classified by category into instant approval credit cards, 0% credit cards, balance transfer cards, cashback credit cards, reward credit cards, low APR credit cards, prepaid credit cards and other categories for the convenience of the user. The credit cards are also classified according to the  four major credit card networks – Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express and issuers like American Express, Advanta, Discover, Bank of America, Citibank, HSBC.

Credit cards offering 0 balance transfers allow consumers to save a substantial amount on the interest on the unpaid balance on the credit card. Some cards like the Discover More (SM) Card-Top 0% Balance Transfer credit card offer both a 0 apr balance transfer for 12 months and 0 apr on purchases for the same period.  Other may change a low APR of less than 4% for no fee balance transfers.

Depending on the amount due on the credit card and future spending patterns, a consumer can select a credit card to maximise his or her savings. Most of these credit cards offer a cash back bonus of up to 20% on online purchases and protection against online fraud. To be eligible for the best offers for 0% APR no fee balance transfer credit cards, your credit rating has to be either good or excellent.

Quality business checks at cheap rates

With the current state of the economy, businesses of all sizes are trying to reduce their operating costs. They can order checks online at discounted rates from ChoiceChecks to get high quality checks at low prices. A variety of checks are available as per the specifications of the American Bankers Association and are compatible with laser and inkjet printers.

While ordering a check, information like the business name and address, bank information, routing number, account number and check number should be provided. Other options include printing a monogram or personal signature.A black and white business logo beside the address will be printed free, while a color logo can be printed on payment of an additional fee.

The checks are available in various formats like business checks on top, business checks in the middle and business checks at the bottom for compatibility with the popular check printing software packages like QuickBooks, Quicken, MS Money. A message to the recipient can be printed on the rest of the form. Alternately, a full page of checks can be ordered, each of which contains 3 checks to a page.

The minimum order quantity for business checks from is 250 sheets. Choicechecks is a verified merchant and accepts payment through PayPal. Orders are usually processed within 3-5 days.

Unsecured business loans helps entrepreneurs get unsecured business loans with providing any collateral or documents for amounts upto $200,000. No tax returns, business plans or UCC filings are required. If you have a high credit score of over 700, the lenders may not need any documentation even for loans for amounts more than $200,000. Applying for a business loan is simple, the borrower has to fill a form providing personal and business details and confirm that he or she meets the specified credit criteria

Student credit cards

Many students do not need a credit card for their daily purchases, but get it to build their credit. Most credit card issuers will first check the credit history of the person before issuing a credit card and may deny a card if the student does not have a credit history.

If the parents of the student have a good credit history, they can apply for a credit card with the student as a cosignatory. After a few months, the credit history of the student will be built up and he or she can apply for a regular credit card. Alternately, the student can apply for a credit card through the bank which they are using. Both Visa and Mastercard have student credit card with no or low fee and interest rate features.

There are many credit card companies that will approve or disapprove the application for the credit card instantly if the application is made online. Even if the application is made over the  phone, most companies have the data readily available, and can give a confirmation within five minutes. In some cases, they may need to verify whether the student has actually enrolled in the university.

Another option is a secured credit card, where a security deposit has to be made before the credit card is issued. If the regular payments are made for a period of one year and the credit limit is not exceeded, the security deposit amount is returned.