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Category Archives: credit rating

Using prepaid debit cards

Since most credit cards have a high spending limit, many users go on a shopping spree and buy stuff that they do not need and cannot afford. Repaying this amount increase your debt and results in a lower credit score. In the current economic conditions, where it is important to conserve every penny, it is […]

Compare credit cards

Today, credit cards are used for payment of most transactions both online and off line, and by choosing the right credit card, you can save a significant amount. In addition to low interest, balance transfer and instant approval credit cards, there are many credit cards that offer rewards when you make purchases with them. These […]

Credit and debt in Canada

Since the most of the large search engines are US based, it is difficult for non-US internet users to find country specific information. The financial systems in every country are unique and most users prefer local information as it relevant to their needs. Canadian Money Advisor provides credit & debt Canada information with details about […]

Fair credit reporting act

You can use the dispute process and remove items from your credit report. You can do this by using the dispute process where each of the credit bureaus has set up internally. This is a long and drawn out process. The other processes are designed so that you fail at the attempts. You can use […]

Balance transfer for credit cards

If you are planning to get a credit card for the first time or get a new credit card, you should check out to find the best deals . The credit cards are classified by category into instant approval credit cards, 0% credit cards, balance transfer cards, cashback credit cards, reward credit cards, low […]

How quickly will my credit score improve?

You may want your credit score to improve quickly so that you can apply for a loan for a large amount at a low interest rate like a car loan or housing loan. However, the time period over which the credit score will improve depends on the factors which resulted in the low score. Your […]

Repairing your credit yourself

If you have the time , but little money, it is advisable to repair your credit yourself.  The steps involved are: 1. Get a copy of your credit report from each of the agencies mailed to you. 2.  Review your credit report and check for discrepancies and incorrect entries 3. Get the incorrect entries removed.

Compare credit cards

There are thousands of credit cards available from different banks and credit card companies and finding the best credit card suitable for your needs can be a time consuming process. allows you to compare credit cards and select the most suitable credit card for your requirement. You can then apply online for the credit […]

Credit Repair Services

If you have bad credit, you will find it difficult to get a home loan, car loan or personal loan. Often your application will be turned down, you may have to pay a higher interest rate and at times, your chances of getting a good job will be adversely affected. Most credit repair companies which […]

Credit rating / score

The credit rating or score of  an individual is an indication of the credit worthiness of  an individual.  The credit rating is used by the lender to assess the risk of  lending money to  the individual or the business, in case of  a small proprietorship firm. Though the credit score may be adversely affected by […]