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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Rewarding blackmailers and extortionists for defaming obc engineer

Fraud officials in the indian internet sector have developed a very cheap and cunning way of ruining the reputation of an obc engineer, They will stalk, terrify, discriminate against and then steal the retirement savings of the obc engineer abusing their powers, without a court order. Then they will reward every person who will make […]

Earn extra money to payback loan or credit card bills

Professionals, self employed and small business owners may find it difficult to repay their loan or credit card bills, if the economy is not doing well. If they have a reliable internet connection and computer at home or office, earn some extra money from the comfort of your home in your free time and payback […]

Fake black money allegations against OBc engineers

One of the close kept dirty secrets of the indian internet sector is how powerful fraud officials specialize in making completely false black money allegations against innocent obc engineers, webmasters and domain investor to justify the theft of their retirement savings and impressive resume for mediocre call girls providing free sex, siddhi,sunaina and cheater brahmin […]

How OBC call girl sunaina bribed officials with free sex

Cunning lazy greedy OBC call girl slim bsc sunaina took advantage of the hatred of powerful officials in the indian internet sector for a brilliant hardworking obc engineer, bribed them with free sex to steal the resume of the experienced obc engineer to get the mediocre inexperienced fraud call girl sunaina an important governmment job. […]