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Monthly Archives: December 2015

When will officials stop associating goan gsb frauds, obc sex bribe givers with obc single woman engineer

In one of the worst cases of exploitation of a single woman obc engineer, fraud tata, google, cbi, ntro, R&AW, security agency officials are falsely claiming that the lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, goan obc sex bribe giver bsc sunaina who sleeps with top officials, naina, brahmin fraud nayanshree and other frauds […]

Find the value of your low traffic website

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Investing in government securities

The returns from shares and mutual funds can vary to a great extent depending on microeconomic and macroeconomic factors, so investors looking for a guaranteed return on their investment will often prefer to invest their money in securities and bonds. Though the securities will mature after years, there is an option which allows the investor […]

Fraud MCP officials exploit single woman, give housewives, cheaters credit

Most of the indian intelligence agency officials are male chauvanist pigs (MCP) who will ruthlessly exploit, defame a hardworking brilliant single woman obc engineer, and give lazy greedy cheater housewives, sex bribe givers and other frauds credit. These officials do not have the honesty to acknowledge the hard work, effort, of the single woman obc […]

OBC single woman engineer, domain investor looking for help to end slander of indian intelligence agencies

A harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder is looking for help to end the slander of corrupt indian intelligence and security agency officials, CBI, NTRO, R&AW allegedly bribed by google, tata to defame her. These officials are falsely claiming that 8-9 lazy greedy mediocre housewives, goan sex bribe givers and […]

why is goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar getting credit for the revenues of the obc engineer she cheated

tata,google,cbi, ntro, R&AW have perfected the art of destroying the life of anyone who will pose a threat to google’s monopoly especially in India. For example the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar committed corporate espionage on the brilliant obc single woman engineer who made the mistake of trusting the shameless lazy […]

Why do goan, brahmin and other fraudsters get credit for work they do not do?

One of the most unfair aspects of working online in India, being a Paypal account holder remains that powerful ntro, cbi, R&AW officials will falsely claim that lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, obc bhandari goan sex bribe giver bsc sunaina, brahmin cheater bbm nayanshree hathwar, veena, ruchika, asmita patel,naina and other frauds own […]

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Exposing google,tata,ntro’s cbi’s fraud falsely claiming goan obc SEX bribe giver bsc sunaina is a investor

Extremely powerful shameless Google,tata, ntro, cbi, R&AW, security intelligence agency officials are involved in a major SEX SCANDAL when they falsely claim that the lazy greedy GOAN OBC BHANDARI SEX BRIBE GIVER bsc sunaina is a domain investor, mutual fund investor and Paypal account holder to allegedly give the goan obc fraud sunaina, a lucrative […]

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