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Monthly Archives: April 2009

College loans

One of the major expenses for individuals who have graduated from college are the student loans that they have to repay. A delay in repayment or missing an installment can affect their credit score and also future career. So it is important to evaluate all options for student loans before taking a decision. Though a […]

Credit card reviews

Credit cards are very convenient for making payments both online and offline. Your credit score is a widely used criteria of your financial status. The way you use  your credit card determines your credit score to a large extent. A wide variety of credit cards are available from a large number of companies and it […]

Improve your credit score

One of the most widely used measures of the finances of any adult individual is his or her credit score, which can determine the eligibility for loans, interest rate and even jobs.  However, often the credit score is lower than what it should be due to inaccurate reporting or errors. It is possible for an […]