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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Credit card deals

The availability of credit cards has contributed to a large extent to the online shopping boom. Credit cards are very convenient for offline shopping as the user can make purchases without carrying large amounts of cash and does not have to repay the amount immediately. However, many people often lack self control and run up […]

How credit repair helps

Often the credit history of an individual may be damaged for no fault of his. It could be due to an unavoidable illness or accident. Some times there may a clerical or data processing error at the credit reporting agency. Not only does the affected person have to pay a higher interest rate, it could […]

Casino tax refunds

Though most people consider gambling a form of entertainment, real money is won and lost at casinos. In most countries like USA both the federal and state government impose taxes on the casino winnings and the casino is supposed to withhold the tax amount from the amount paid to the winner. This law is applicable […]